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Welcome to The Free Smiley Pantheon Website

About Smileys:

Free smileys were created by a certain Ralf Corts; made before 2006, they were posted throughout a multitude of his personal websites, but by far the most well known and archived is that of Originally being only one off emojis, towards the end of their golden era they encompassed entire wallpapers, gifs, and animated cards for various occasions, not limited to birthday greetings and general greetings. It is uncertain when the last one was made, but as these sites were a relic of the old internet, the amount of knowledge we have on the time in-between them being lost and rediscovered is quite limited. In the year 2017, there was both a subreddit and discord server made in an attempt to archive Ralfs creations, and a website was created; it being the most extensive archive we have to date. With the help of members around the world; many other of his creations have been able to be archived, and to this date his creations are still being uncovered and archived.

Image Credits to Ralf Corts

About The Discord

Made in 2017 by InfiDim42, the Discord server has brought many smiley fans together, creating a massive community with now over 1,500 members. Once you join, it is recommended to read the #rules-and-info channel to get familiar with the roles, and channels. The server currently has 33 channels you can use, such as #heresy-memes, #bots, #gaming etc. Every friday, the friday channel opens to the public to celebrate friday (the holy day). We hope you join us soon!